Become a Rafting Guide!

As a student job during the weekend or during the summer, as a future profession, rafting guide is an exciting job. All the day on the water, you will make your customers dreaming and discover an activity and a region to tourists.

Preparation for SOA exams

In May and June we offer preparatory courses for the exams of the Swiss Outdoor Association.

SOA Guide I exam

The SOA Level 1 Guide Diploma allows you to work on class II to III rivers.

This training is aimed to people who already have some knowledge of whitewater and who want a three-day intensive training to go to the exam.

Dates: 3-4-5 may 2019
Price: 500CHF

To register for the SOA exam, you must have a valid first aid and Rescue3 certificates.

SOA II Guide exam

The SOA Level 2 Guide Diploma allows you to work on Rivers class III and above.

This training is aimed at people with the SOA I diploma.

Dates: 13 to 17 May 2019
Price: 1000 CHF

To register for the exam, you must have a valid first aid and Rescue3 certificates.

Training with the “oars” system

This system is widespread in South America and is very useful on large-volume rivers. If you are thinking of working in South America, it is essential to master this technique.

Dates: 17-18-19 June 2019
Prix: 700CHF

Complete training to become a rafting guide

The skills of a rafting guide is not taught in 3 days. We offer you a 2 years training to be able to take the SOA II guide exam in the second year and train at “oars” and with the cataraft during the second year.

First year

  • Guide Course SOA I
  • May as an trainee to take the SOA exam I
  • Training as a trainee during the season.

Second year

  • Guide Course SOA II
  • SOA II Review
  • Intern “oars” and possibility to work as a guide during the season with the company.

Not everyone progresses at the same speed. It is therefore quite possible to make a season of internship with us in order to improve your knowledge and to register for the exam the following year.

Total training Price: 2000 CHF (1000 CHF per year)
Not included in the price: the Rescue 3 course and the BLS-AED first aid course.

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