Patagonia! Did you dream about it?

She’s at your fingertips. In winter, we live in Chile in Futaleufù, region of Los Lagos in Patagonia. Surrounded by nature, you will discover beautiful landscapes, many activities, unspoiled authenticity and extraordinary people.
In the middle of nowhere but connected to the world (wifi, printers), you will have an unforgettable experience .

We organise fly fishing and multiativities trips from 6 to 14 days. We propose topo something special: roadtrips. You can descover a part of Patagonia chilena, from Puerto Montt to Futaleufu, with stops to do activities.

Who is suitable for:

Family with children, couples, groups of friends, kayakers.

Sports Activities for kids

Floating on the river Espolon
Fly fishing courses for children
Easy trekking
Easy horseback riding

Sports activities from 14 y.o.

Mountain Biking
Trekking horseback riding
Fly Fishing


Handycraft for creating traditional poncho
Leather handycraft