Outdoor team building Valais

Outdoor team building

A day of outdoor team building with river activities on the Rhone in a raft or Funyak as well as activities on land. Working in collaboration with Escape Life, the day will help strengthen links between your team and help them understand how different members think and contribute to the team. All activities will be set in nature.

If you want a psychologist to be present to reinforce the strengths or help to improve the weaknesses of your team, please let us know.

The funyak allows you to work in pairs. We can provide this for up to 12 people.
Rafting allows you to work in a team and strengthen leadership. We can provide this up to 30 people.

Team building program

Morning: enigma and rafting/funyak trip on the floating part of the Rhône
Midday: lunch at the edge of the Rhône
Afternoon: rafting, team competition and leadership exercises.
Feedback at the end of the day

On request: the presence of a psychologist

Price: on quotation