Conditions of participation

There are the physical conditions required to do rafting, funyak and kayak trips of difficulty more than class III (medium to high)

  • Be able to swim and to immerse.
  • Being healthy and able to perform the activity for which you are registered.
  • For women: not to be pregnant.
  • Accept the risks inherent in the natural environment of the activity such as rapids, waves, obstacles.
  • Be at the benefit of an accident insurance available for the activity.
  • Do not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Do not be under the influence of a medicine that could disturb the comportment and making it conflicting with the activity.
  • In case of allergy requiring that a medicine has to be quickly taken (epipen, spray, pills), to have advertised the guide of the raft or the funyak/kayak trip and to have given him/her and explained how to use it before the put-in.
  • Listen and follow strictly the security instructions given during the safety talk, particularly concerning how to react in case of swim in the river:
    • Not to stand on the river.
    • Adopt immediately the floating position with the points of the feet outside the water.
    • Follow the instructions of the guide, the security cataraft guide or the safety kayaker.
  • For the rafting specifically, not to let the t-grip or only to help someone to get in the raft.
  • Follow the directions given by the guides from the arrival at the put-in place until the come-back at the rafting base.

For under 18 y.o. people, the parents, tutor or the person responsible have to sign the present document.

The conditions of participation can be downloaded.