Meet the 2019 team!

The 2019 season will be international again! Switzerland, Chile, Australia, Belgium! Our multicultural, multilingual guides (six different languages) will make you live adventures on the big rapids of the Rhone and on the bucolic stretch between Gampel and Leuk.

There is the main team:


  • Barrientos Barria
  • Flyfishing
  • cataraft

Rafting and cataraft guide for more than 20 years, Hernan is the operational responsible of Valais-Wallis Adventures. Coming from Chile, fantastic with the kids, he gives incredible confidence to our visitors. People who initially accompanied their spouses and wished to wait at the base, finally took place in the raft, convinced by Hernan and had a wonderful time.
A fly fishing expert and guide, he manufactures works of art of fishing flies. Craftsman of wood, handyman, no problem is resisting him.
Make him talk about his native Patagonia!


  • momo castillo
  • the river
  • Sara Castillo

Momo, from his full name Jose Miguel, is a professional kayaker and rafting guide. Coming from Chile, from the same region as Hernan, he traveled the world for extreme kayak competitions and live his passion in Futaleufu. He is an outstanding kayak instructor.
Momo is also a very good cooker who prepares excellent chilean recipes bio whose ingredients are derived from permaculture. If you have the opportunity to go through Futaleufu in Chilean Patagonia, stop by the roadside trailer to enjoy its delicious empanadas.

Anne – Laure

  • anne - laure zufferey
  • Kayak Valais Guide
  • WW kayak Anne

Shorter Anne, kayak guide and CEO of Valais-Wallis Adventures. I’m the one who writes this blog, so I’m going to talk a little bit about what I do and love doing! Working in the field of tourism was a longtime wish and to realize it on my home river the Rhone is a dream come true. Practicing kayaking for several years, I have had the opportunity to travel and kayak rivers in different parts of the globe.
Married to Hernan, we regularly make winter trips between Chile and Switzerland. We have a small house in Patagonia and organize fly fishing trips (
Geologist, protecting nature and especially rivers is my second professional activity. In the winter with Hernan, we go to the Rhone and to rivers with a difficult access to identify metal debris, plastic waste and hazards that may threaten users of the rivers and homes on the banks and downstream (more information about www.riverexpertise. ch).
Noéï’s mom, I would like to let to my daughter a living and growing nature, not in decline like today.

Our other guides

Here are our other guides. If you come many, you will have the opportunity to meet them often!


Vic, our 2 meters australian guide, an incredible Tasmanian guide with incomparable humour!

If you want to go rafting in Australia or do a trip to Tasmania, talk to him!


Jassim, ski instructor, rafting guide from the Valais for many years (yes yes, it exists, proof with Jass!).

Jassim also owns a sports shop in Crans-Montanta (


Olivier, ski instructor too, rafting, canyoning and hydrospeed guide, and a white water security instructor.

Olivier has a wonderful adventure park in Crans-Montana (

Bachelor parties what to do?

The day of a bachelor party is an almost inescapable passage before the big day! It is also an opportunity to do something different, thrilling and especially unforgettable.

Bachelor parties of young girl/boy, are usually full of adrenaline, a little relaxation and a memorable evening. The most important thing is to spend time together and make the moment magical.

For 2 years now, we organise rafting trips for bachelor parties. All have really enjoyed. Rafting or funyak are nice activities, because you are all together, there is action, adrenaline and a lot of fun.

  • EVG rafting
  • EVG rafting
  • EVG rafting
  • EVG rafting
  • Fun Kayak Trip!
  • the river
  • the river
  • the river

We advise to come in the morning at 9:00, in order to avoid having time to open the first beer of the day. Rafting is a non-alcoholic activity!

The rafting and Escapelife da Vinci Code package is particularly appreciated. It combines sport and culture in a beautiful environment: the Park of Finges and its powerful rapids then the old town of Sion with its enigmas and its rich heritage.

For pregnant girls, unfortunately rafting in the Park of Finges is not possible. An alternative is a floating on the quiet part that will be embellished by our care, of some adventures. It is also quite possible to continue with a Escapelife by booking with us. We will be happy to customize for you this package!

For more information, call us + 41 79 656 02 04, send us an email or use the What’sapp button!

The 2019 season is coming soon!

The winter of 2018-2019 was rich in snow in the Valais. The months of May and June will be full of water allowing beautiful trips on the Rhône.

The best water levels will take place from May to July. Book your trip or package now.


This season, we offer you some novelties:

Team Building Outdoor

In collaboration with Escape Life, we designed a new kind of team building outdoor: a complete and unique Team Building, combining the best of the rafting and outdoor Escape Game in an optics of development of your team’s performance.

This escapelife will take place on a quiet section of the Rhone, allowing everyone to participate.

Have a look to the website:

Team Building Outdoor

Extreme Funyak

Funyak Extreme

You are a lot last year to be interested in the Funyak (double inflatable kayak) and to look for challenging trip.

We have bought a cataraft for your safety in funyak. You would enjoy alone or with a teammate the rapids of the Rhône in your inflatable kayak. The cataraft will be there to pick you up in case of swimming. This proven technique is widespread in South America and our guides are specialists.

Rio Futaleufu


Looking for a late-day rush? We offer a small exit on the Rhone, well installed on large buoys. Accompanied by kayaks, you can enjoy a small section of the Rhone by letting you floating on the rapids.