An incredible year 2018

A season of rafting is unique. The season 2018 has been one of the most shaking season. A fantastic water level, a good spot for the rafting base in the Sportfit, thanks Beni! Since September, a lot of partnerships propositions, a new version of the website, a new booking system and new programs for next year!

We have done good trips with funyaks. People could enjoy the Rhône with inflatable kayaks, that gives other sensations than in a raft. Closer to the water with more feeling with the waves, funyak trips with a good water level is quite sensational

We had too families, companies, groups of friends and colleagues. Thanks to everyone!

We thank too all people and authorities who supported us this year:
Benni of the Sportfit, Adrenature, the commune of Salgesch, l’Etat du Valais – service du développement économique, RhôneFM, Bungy Jumping of Niouc, Cave de la Brunière, Cave du Paradis, Escape Life, Irish Festival, Smeetz, FB réalisations graphiques, le centre de cautionnement.

There are images of some memorable times of this incerdible year

A movie:

Some nice pictures that we hope, will give you the wish to visit us from May to Septembre 2019.

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